Our Story

We want to leave a positive footprint in the world!


We are a diverse team of enthusiasts and thought leaders in the field of renewable energies, digital marketing, technological solution development and sustainability topics.

In the past, in the energy industry, we have helped drive further development of more environmentally friendly fuels, modernising trading and distribution.

In other industries, we have also helped drive digitalization such as offline payment systems and hotel marketing and booking tools, presenting them with an efficient platform and/or marketplace.

With eCO2wo we would like to make our contribution by providing promoters and users, of modern and environmentally friendly technologies, with a transparent platform through which they can make their contribution to climate neutrality.

Whether through the private or commercial use of e-cars or through the installation and operation of charging stations, a significant contribution is made to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

It is our vision to offer our customers a simple marketplace where they can either invest their contribution to reduce greenhouse gases in other sustainable or education projects or have it paid out to their own bank account.

The platform for efficient carbon trading to make the world climate neutral by 2050

Our Mission

We see the matter of climate protection and the fight against global warming by reducing greenhouse gases as THE central task for the next decades. With eCO2wo we would like to make a small contribution by offering an efficient marketplace for all those who are actively involved in the energy revolution. The crediting and remuneration of avoided greenhouse gas emissions create a significant incentive to use environmentally friendly electric cars.

Our Partners